Shop That Built Batpod Replica Now Selling 5 (Street Legal) TRON Lightcycles On eBay

June 29, 2010


Remember that badass Batpod replica that was selling on eBay a little while ago? Well the guys that made it are now taking orders for five custom TRON Lightcycles. Let's paint this town red purple! I want purple.

the Parker Brothers team is building 5 custom one off "Lightcycles" to the exact specs of the movie bikes. Each bike will be black with an accent color - 5 bikes with 5 different accent colors (red, blue, yellow, green, and orange). There will only be one bike made per color so if you must have a certain color...Disney designers built a "movie prop" of this bike for the TRON Legacy promotions and not a running version so these will be the only known running versions to exist. The engineering behind a fully functional version is mindboggling to say the least.

Each bike will come with either a high powered electric motor or a high performance gasoline motor and transmission depending on the buyers needs. No future "Lightcycles" will be made to ensure the value of these custom motorcycles in the coming years. They will get individual vin numbers at first order 001 to last 005 as well as the original prototype vin number 000.

The back cover opens up at the push of a button and there is a neon glow that exits from the back of the bike to resemble the lightcycles colored light trail from the original game. These bikes will also come with a TRON style helmet (Not DOT Approved)

$35K gets you one. But apparently not in purple, which, if you ask me, is a dealbreaker. Granted I could probably add some aftermarket purple neon, but I don't trust myself. Just sayin' -- one time I did change my own oil with extra virgin olive. What?! I thought that was the good shit!

eBay Auction

Thanks to bryan, who bought one and plans to add streamers to the handlebars. Nice touch.

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