ShamWow Guy Hocking Eminem's New Album

June 18, 2010


Note: Commercial is after the jump because they didn't actually pay me anything to post it.

This is a commercial for Eminem's new album 'Recovery' featuring ShamWow hocker Vince "Hookerpunch" Shlomi. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to listen to rap music anymore since it made me rob a liquor store and pour champagne all over my little sister's friends, so don't expect a review. What you can expect are child support payments for the next 18 years (I took your love-sock and wiped it all over my privates -- I'm pregnant!).

Hit it for the sadness.


Thanks to Marshall D. and Shenanigans, who only listen to metal because it keeps them in touch with their satanic sides. I like country.

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