WANT: Ghostbuster Proton-Pack Backpack

June 2, 2010


I'm not even gonna lie: ghosts scare the shit out of me. And I'm not just saying that because they grope me in my sleep, but I did wake up last night to Edward Cullen standing at the foot of my bed. Haha, what do you mean he's a vampire? That bitch was glowin'! Plus rubbin' all up on my booty.

This officially licensed backpack is based on the Proton Pack worn by the Ghostbusters.

The backpacks are coming soon from 80's Tees (to compliment this shirt) and will sell you back $40 when they drop. I know I'm getting one. That way when there's something strange in your neighborhood -- who you gonna call? NOT F***ING ME I'M ALREADY ABOUT TO GO OVER MY MINUTES.

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Thanks to mrHiggens, who agrees Ghostbusters was completely fake because there's no way you can cross streams with a bunch of other guys and every look each other in the eyes again.

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