Panasonic's New 152-Inch 3-D Plasma TV

June 16, 2010


Panasonic just announced their upcoming line of "ultra-large" (read: f***ing huge) 3-D plasma televisions. They're gonna come in 85, 103 and 152-inch flavors, which I find more than a little annoying considering I just sprung for a 151-incher last year. Typical!

The Osaka firm's new TH-152UX1 plasma display measures a colossal 152 inches across the diagonal, allowing the engineers to pack in 8.84 million pixels, four times the high-definition standard, AKA the legendary 4K.

Anyone able to afford the estimated $100,000-plus asking price for the 152-incher might also want to reinforce their abode. The daddy of the family can be mounted on either a wall bracket or a floor pedestal but, at 590kg [~1,300lbs], we'd like to see them try.

Mounting a 1,300lb television to the wall, are you kidding me? That thing would tear my entire apartment complex to the ground. I can see it now: that crazy old lady with the super saggies standing in the courtyard wondering where all her ceramic kittens went. Seriously, I'm watching her right now. Dammit Ms. Hernendez, PUT THE DROOPIES AWAY.

Panasonic Press Release
Panasonic pushes home cinema to the outer limit [cnngo]

Thanks to rhino, who can't have nice things because he'd just put his horn through them.

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