Oh Hai New iPhone. Say, You Look Familiar...

June 7, 2010


The iPhone 4. It's coming June 24. You can pre-order starting the 15th. Or not care starting anytime you want. The new features:

  • Two cameras, one back facing 5MP with LED flash, one forward facing VGA, plus "FaceTime" video chatting (but only from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi).
  • Double the display resolution, now 960 x 640 (from 480 x 320)
  • 720p video recording
  • Powered by Apple's A4 processor
  • Adds 3-axis gyroscope to motion controls
  • More squarer
  • Less roundy

There you have it. The 16GB starts at $200 for qualified AT&T servants and the 32GB for $300. Cute girl at the Apple store's number not included, although I'll get it for a price. Of course you're gonna have to wear a GW mask on all your dates. Plus if you end up getting married and having children I'll actually legally own them. Think about it.

Apple Product Site

Thanks to everyone who sent this in, I knew something was supposed to happen today (I mistakenly guessed it was trash day and took the bin out the curb).

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