Official Starcraft II Commercial Released

June 18, 2010


Note: Commercial is after the jump because it looks so good you might just want to kiss it and I can't have you frenching the front page. I don't know where your lips have been!

Starcraft II, it's coming. Specifically, on July 27th. Will your pants survive the wait or will your boner destroy them in a fit of nerdy rage anticipation? I've opted to go pantless until August just to be on the safe side. Not that this little guy could do any real damage, but still. Isn't that right, little guy? *penis typing* NIPS OR GTFO.

Oh real mature!

Hit it for the short, but badass looking commercial.

Official Site

Thanks to ryan and Julian, who have already been playing the beta. Oh yeah? Well I played the alpha. Yeah yeah, and beat it. Everything. Saved the princess and all that shit. Twice.

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