Now That's Just Good Parenting: Playing Rock Band Butt-Ass Naked In Front Of Your Kids

June 24, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because I'm a firm believer in never-nudity.

This is a video of a fit looking mom playing the Rock Band drums butt-ass naked in front of her children. Now I'm not saying I'm gonna befriend these kids so I can come over and join the band, but they better keep a fridge full of Sunny-D.

Hit it for 17-seconds of not your mom.


Thanks to Jason, mario's lovechild, Christina, The Poo Guru (WTF?!) and aaron, whose moms used to play Pac-Man naked in front of them and they all turned out fine. Except Poo Guru (his mom accidentally shat the couch). That explains it!

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