Note To Self: Do Not Snatch Purses In China, You Can And Will Be Beaten With Furniture

June 2, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because stealing is illegal.

This is a video of two jackasses on a motorcycle that drive by and snatch a woman's purse, then get chased, then crash headfirst into a parked van, then get beaten to near death with a bunch of furniture. I'm serious, that's somebody's dresser being thrown in the screencap there, but there's also some hot office AND folding chair action in the video if you have a seating fetish. Me? I'm an ottoman guy.

Hit it for a video of the vigilante justice holy shit I think you killed them.

Purse Snatcher Gets What For [collegehumor]

Thanks to josh and Julie, whose names both begin with the same letter. Just don't ask me which one (it's L, isn't it?!).

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