Not A Good Sign: Fossils From The Future

June 3, 2010


As a man who's no stranger to hiding in a bathroom stall until the museum of natural history closes and then rubbing his supple, oiled body all over the fossilized remains of some Apatosaurus, I, uh -- is anybody else getting hot? No? Just checking. These are fossils from the future Mechazoic Era as created brought back in a time machine by deviantARTist Throwing Chicken. Which -- been there, done that, nugget did not stick to ceiling like hypothesized despite generous application of BBQ sauce. Hmm.....maybe honey mustard...

Hit the jump for several more species and another link to Throwing Chicken (Chase Black's) deviantART.





Throwing Chicken's deviantART
Creatures of the Mechazoic Era [buzzfeed]

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