Nice Package: Sushi In Push-Pop Form

June 4, 2010


Love sushi but wanna eat that shit while you're driving? Steer with your knees. Or buy a $5 Sushi Popper. Mmmm, sounds fresh!

Each Sushi Popper includes eight pieces of precut sushi and a bit of wasabi wrapped inside an airtight tube. After opening the top of the tube, diners can add soy sauce from a small stick affixed to the packaging, and grab their first piece of fish. They reach the next piece by pushing up on the bottom of the tube.

Sushi Poopers are delivered frozen and have to be thawed for an hour or two before consumption. They can be ordered directly online and come in a variety of popular flavors like 'Mystery Fish', 'Improperly Handled Seafood', 'Food Poisoning' and 'Great, Now I Feel Bloated and Gassy'. *licking lips* Okay I think I just swallowed a pube.

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Now Available: Sushi Push Pops [gizmodo]

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