New XBox 360: Red Ring Of Death Solved

June 15, 2010


To nobody's surprise, Microsoft announced the new XBox 360 yesterday. It has a number of notable improvements over the old brick, including: shiny blackness, a 250GB drive, built-in Wi-Fi, a quieter fan and a custom Kinect port for new motion controller. All for the same price as before ($299)! Did I mention no more red ring of death?

With the new Xbox 360 250GB model, announced this morning during Microsoft's E310 press conference, error codes will be represented by a red centre light on the "cap touch" power button.

Hoho -- replacing the red ring of death with a red eye of death! Clever, Microsoft. Kidding, they say it's all been solved. Per Albert Penello, project manager:

"The first thing I want to tell people is, it's not going to be a problem. If something does go wrong, because consumer electronics, no matter how good you are, unfortunately there will be one guy who might have a problem, there will be an error message on the front. It won't be three red rings. There will just be an error code. The centre light turns red. But no-one will see it!"

There you have it, straight from the horse's mouth. Also, a half-chewed apple and some pretty gnarly looking teeth. I've got two words for you, Mr. Ed: dental floss. Seriously, it looks like you've been brushing with shit.

Hit the jump for the full spec-sheet of the new system.


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Thanks to David, Niko and Jesus loves me too, who don't play games because their straightforward and honest in their relationships. *swoon*

  • Roan

    still have red ring of death? ahh man i not going to buy xbox already i wan to buy ps3!!!

  • AJ

    this is full of shit...i just bought a 250GB slim 2 HOURS AGO...i go to download my profile to my new xbox..i leave it for 45 minutes, come back and WHAT DO YOU KNOW IT HAS THE RED RING OF DEATH AND A RED DOT IN THE MIDDLE....BULLSHITTTTTTTTT

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