New Needle-Piercing Records Falls Short

June 29, 2010


Aryan Hopkins attempted two world records over the weekend: the most piercings in one sitting, and the most needle piercings ever. Well he got the most in one sitting (1,093) but fell short of the most ever (1,200). Plus was using smaller needles. CHEATERS NEVER WIN, ARYAN.

They wanted 2,000, but stopped piercing when Aryan Hopkins' body began to show signs of shock. They fell short of the overall record of 1,200 piercings, set in 2009, which used 16-gauge needles, which are larger than 18-gauge.

"It doesn't exactly hurt," Hopkins said. "It feels extremely weird."

You know what else feels extremely weird, Aryan? Asking a stranger if they'll help push Lifesavers up your ass. Oh come on man, they're Wint-O-Green.

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