Mine Says I'm Super-L337: What Your Email Address Says About Your Computer Skeels

June 1, 2010


Note: Larger version HERE in case your eyes suck (you gotta make like a bunny and eat more carrots, yo!).

Suck it Merriam-Webster, I'll spell how I want! This is a little chart showing what different email addresses say about you as a computer user. They're pretty spot-on too. Now I know what you're wondering, "well GW -- where do you stand?" And the answer, my dear friends, is as far away as possible -- one of you busted ass and it's disgusting. I'm serious, I smell solids.

What your email address says about your computer skills [theoatmeal]

Thanks to Stephanie, who agrees having an email tip-line means you practically invented computers (I did is the thing).

  • Clara R Scribner

    ha ha ha, It says the same thing after all these years!
    Gmail users are best among all, from my point of view. And, Yahoo are CAPS LOCK! Most funniest thing is Aol users are still print the email and send it by post mail to froward it to you!


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