Mine Says I'm Super-L337: What Your Email Address Says About Your Computer Skeels

June 1, 2010


Note: Larger version HERE in case your eyes suck (you gotta make like a bunny and eat more carrots, yo!).

Suck it Merriam-Webster, I'll spell how I want! This is a little chart showing what different email addresses say about you as a computer user. They're pretty spot-on too. Now I know what you're wondering, "well GW -- where do you stand?" And the answer, my dear friends, is as far away as possible -- one of you busted ass and it's disgusting. I'm serious, I smell solids.

What your email address says about your computer skills [theoatmeal]

Thanks to Stephanie, who agrees having an email tip-line means you practically invented computers (I did is the thing).

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