Mashup!: Futurama Characters As X-Mens

June 15, 2010


Note: This pic is small and doesn't do the piece justice so to see the whole thing click CHEER. Oh shit, oh shit -- spirit fingers!

DeviantARTist gottabecarl went and mashed the Futurama and X-Men universes together. This is what he got. Oh really -- then what about the superpowers you're not telling us about?! ARE YOU X-RAY VISIONIN' MY NIPPLES RIGHT NOW?! You wanna?

A friend of mine suggested one day that it would be cool to see the characters of Futurama as X-Men and so I drew him Fry as Cyclops. For some reason I couldn't just stop there...and what came of it was a pretty extensive illustration with some of the most obscure characters from both the X-Men and Futurama universes.

Great job, Carl. It's times like these I wish God would have given me some sort of artistic talent. But alas, all I got was a face that could make Adonis cry and a wiener that NASA wants to use as a ladder to the moon. Still, I wish I could draw.

Carl's deviantART

Thanks to Martin, who once mashed Batman and Robin together and got, well, Batman and Robin rubbing twinkies.

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