Marisa Miller's 'Too Hot For TV' Guitar Hero Ad

June 17, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because I can't have you accidentally popping a boner at work.

This is allegedly a never-before-seen Guitar Hero commercial featuring underwear-er Marisa Miller. It's in the same vein as their other Risky Business ripoff ads you might have seen. Except this one has Marisa Miller dancing around in her intimates, shaking her ass like two handfuls of popcorn. I'm pretty sure at one point her buttcheeks even screamed, "ARE YOU READY TO ROOOOCK?!", but that could have just been my imagination the mushrooms. OMG -- Smurfs in my couch, Smurfs in my couch!

Hit the jump for the look to make sure your boss isn't watching first.


Thanks to SHANANA, who -- HEY, HEY, HEY, GOODBYE. Bet you've never heard that one before!

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