Make-A-Wish Millennium Falcon Gets Installed

June 23, 2010


Note: This picture is small and doesn't do the thing justice click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE to see some nice, high-res pics.

Remember the Millennium Falcon play-fort built as part of a Make-A-Wish wish granting for little leukemia-stricken Christian Bentley? Well it was installed this week and Christian has already shot down over a dozen TIE fighters. Good lookin', ace.

"When he was first diagnosed, he carried his X-Box back and forth from the hospital," his grandmother Tracy Clark said.

"At home, that Star Wars game pretty much kept him going."

Battling an ear infection, Christian appeared overwhelmed by the whole ordeal, at times rubbing his eyes and shaking his head in front of a crowd that included Star Wars characters including Storm Troopers and an Imperial Guard.

After the unveiling, Christian's grandfather Ed Clark had a wish of his own.

"I'm waiting for everybody to leave so I can go play in it, too," he said. "They just did a wonderful job."

I'm with you, Ed! How about you get 'ol Tracy to make us some sandwiches and you and I and Christian will take on an Imperial-class Star Destroyer together? I get to be Chewie! Christian, you'll be Han. Ed, you're C-3PO (stay out of the way and don't open your mouth).

Hit the jump for a series of low-res pics of the unveiling.







New battle plan [tulsaworld]

Thanks again Brandon, keep up the good work.

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