Looks Delicious: Booze Under A Microscope

June 17, 2010


This is a series of photographs taken of alcoholic beverages under a microscope. This is tequila, but there are several more of my favorites after the jump. Now I don't know about you, but I'd drink every single one of them. And eat the microscope slides. This one tastes like my mouth is bleeding!

"What you can see in the magnified pictures are the crystalised carbohydrates that have become sugars and glucose," explained Lester Hutt, 35, the founder of Bevshots.

"Each image was created by using a pipette of each particular drink and squeezing a drop onto a slide. Then the droplets are allowed to dry out and the slide is placed under the microscope and a picture taken."

It can take up to four weeks for the alcohol to dry out completely in an airtight container, and the whole process can take up to three months.

God, all this talk about alcohol has really got me craving a drink. Which is exactly why I started boozing when I woke up because I knew something like this was gonna happen. Consider it a vision of the future. Or raging alcoholism, same difference. You say potato, I say potato vodka.

Hit the jump for several more of my favorites, as well as the link to even more.

White Russian:


Pina Colada:



Pictures of alcoholic drinks under a microscope reveal the molecules that make up our favourite tipples [telegraph] (with a bunch more)

Thanks to foo, who Mr. T pities because he doesn't have any mohawk grenades.

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