Alienskin Rug: 'Out Of This World' Lovemakin'

June 11, 2010


Sorry for the late start today folks, the internet was booboo when I woke up and instead of going to Starbucks I decided to yell at pedestrians from my balcony. Seems to have done the trick!

Ever made love on the back of a dead alien before? I have. Ripley never had it so good. And now you too can spice up your love life with an alienskin rug from Ukranian leather-fethisher Bob Basset (best known for his bitchin' dragon backpack). Did I mention it glows in the dark? That's to set the mood. Plus so you can see what goes where when you're with a lady. Because there's nothing awkwarder than making love on an alienskin rug only to discover you're making love to an alienskin rug. Trust me. I had to marry it.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots including its glowing capabilities.






Alien Hide Throw Rug Might Be a Bit of a Gamble [uberreview]

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