Let's Take This Meeting To The Bar!: Portable Office On Wheels (What, No Sleeping Bag?)

June 29, 2010


This is a portable office on wheels that has everything you need to pretend you're working just hard enough to not get fired. When unpacked it contains a desk, two chairs, some file organizers, a coffee maker, a light and a printer. What's that? Oh, sorry -- no printer. Also no comfortable place to sleep, which is why I quit my last job (read: got fired for sleeping in the janitor's closet (read: got fired for sleeping in the janitor's closet with my boss's secretary (read: got fired for masturbating in the janitor's closet to a comic book))).

Hit the jump for a couple shots of the transformation.





This 'portable office' is 100% practical (or perhaps the opposite) [dvice]

Thanks to TobyRaider, who sneaks naps in a bathroom stall and sometimes gets pee splatter on his shoes.

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