Leave Me Alone I'm Doing Research In Here!: Internet Pronography By The Numbers

June 2, 2010


I know we already ran a very informative graphic about prizzono (I spell it differently every time to avoid detection by the man), but here comes another anyway. Specifically, this one is all about internet prongo. I know, I know, you could probably teach the class on interweb corno, but there's bound to be something here you didn't already know. For instance: did you know the number one searched term by ladies looking for internet pomo is "Geekologie Writer butt-ass naked dino 69 pterodactyl CAW CAW CAW"? Because I didn't just make that up.

Hit it to see the whole thing.


The Stats on Internet Pornography [onlinemba]

Thanks to Daniel and Phil, who know everything there is to know plus made some things up.

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