Info Graphics: Search Engines Of Yesteryear

June 29, 2010


Note: Don't squint, it'll make you go blind (and you play with yourself enough already), click HERE to see the informational graphic in all its full size glory.

Oh man, you remember when we used to search the interwebs with Alta Vista? Me neither. What were we, losers?! Okay, well I actually was (and still am). I also used to Ask Jeeves (Jeeves, will you go out with me?). But I never f***ed with HotBot (oxymoron) and I still use Yahoo and Bing fairly regularly when Google isn't finding the pictures I want. But you wanna know the very best search engine? The one right above the ad to the right. Just sayin': everything you need, all in one place. Like 7-11, if 7-11 sold prepackaged wisdom and frozen penis jokes.


Thanks to lil co., who searches the internet the old fashioned way: with a pipe and magnifying glass. Hey -- let me hit that.

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