In Case Of Fire Asteroid, Break Glass Nuke It

June 28, 2010


Remember that movie Amegeddon? It's okay, I cried too. CAUSE I'D MISS YOU, BABY, AND I DON'T WANNA MISS A THAAAAANG. Anyway scientists say if we're gonna get pummeled by an asteroid it's cool to just nuke the thing. Sweet.

In the unlikely event of a gigantic asteroid threatening mass extinction on our planet, scientists are now confident such a disaster could be averted using nuclear weapons. Researchers running new and sophisticated simulators conclude it would take as little as 5 to 10 kilotons of energy to divert an asteroid. That's a relatively small nuclear weapon.

"The nice thing about any kind of intervention is that you only have to make it miss the Earth," said David Dearborn, a research physicist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. "A very small change in its orbital period will do that."

Interesting, scientists, but I've come up with a little foolproof asteroid plan myself: running around waving my arms and screaming. I say we make the nukes plan B.

Asteroid headed for Earth? Scientists say nuke it! [dvice]

Thanks to Christina, who plans on riding a comet to safety. Well there's that too.

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