I Smell Crab Dip!: Giant Spider Crab Molting

June 23, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because I swore for a second it was an alien hatching so I beat my monitor with a beer bottle. Now I'm on my roommate's computer.

Remember the giant spider crabs of Japan? Well this is a video of one molting. For those of you that don't know what molting is, it's basically when an animal does something disgusting that makes you want to vomit (read: shedding its skin). The action doesn't start till 0:40 though, which I embedded the video to start at if I did it right. If I didn't do it right you should skip to 0:40 yourself AND SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE ABOUT IT. I swear, after all I've done for you.

Hit it for the video.

Giant Spider Crab Sheds Whole Body [todaysbigthing]

Thanks to Divo, who already has some butter melting in the microwave.

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