I SAID DO IT!: The Truffle Shuffle T-Shirt

June 28, 2010


At first I got all excited when I saw this because the model looked like an attractive lady and I thought I was gonna get a face full of napples. Then I realized it was just a dude that looks like a lady. That's the worst kind of dude, FYI. I'd still kiss him aside, this is a Truffle Shuffle t-shirt. It has "DO THE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE" on the front, and a picture of Chunk's face when you flip it over your head to dance. Clever, you should probably get one. And I'm not just saying that because I'm gonna titty-twist your pepperonis off like radio dials, but I am. They don't call me the Purple Nurpler Areola Rolla' for nothing you know.

Urban Outfitters Product Site

Thanks to Andy, who once gave a kid a swirly in the middle-school bathroom without flushing first. Okay now that's just unsanitary.

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