I Give Up: Mr. Stabby, The Robot That Stabs

June 1, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because you can and will evacuate your bowls. Seriously, now there's cereal everywhere.

I know I promised I'd be the hero of the robotic apocalypse and save humanity and father thousands millions of children, but I'm getting tired of this shit. A robot named Mr. Stabby whose sole purpose is to stab on voice command? Really? That's just playing with fire. And not the fun, "I just set off a handful of fireworks in my pants" kind either. The bad kind.

Hit the jump for the video. Stabbing action is at 1:00.

The story of Mr. Stabby [hackaday]

Thanks to Chris, gus, Deet, Ste and SketchyFletchy, who I encourage to all sign up for my robotic self-defense classes starting this Thursday.

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