He's On My Team: Darth Vader Penalty Kick

June 28, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because no reader of mine is getting Force-choked out on the front page.

Is that big soccer tournament still kickin'?
Killer pun, GW.
Thanks, I know.
Kidding, that thing deserved a red card.
Your face deserves a red card.

This is a video of Darth Vader taking a penalty kick. It's relevant because of the World Cup. Plus Vader. Although I hope you know deep down in your heart I'd still post it even if it wasn't. Because that's how I roll: lazily like a deflated soccer ball.

Hit it for the short but sweet video.

Darth Vader Penalty Kick [collegehumor]

Thanks to Nick and sausage fingers, only one of which I dream about putting in my mouth. It's you, Nick.

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