Grandma?: Woman Calls Tech Support Over Google's Pac-Man Game On The Homepage

June 9, 2010


Note: Video (actually just audio) is after the jump because we respect our elders here on the front page.

This is an audio recording of somebody's grandma calling tech support asking how to remove the playable Pac-Man demo that Google put on its homepage for a day celebrating the game's 30th anniversary (which you can still play HERE). I love old people, but the call's actually pretty funny. And by funny I mean sad. Really f***ing sad.

Hit it for six minutes of feeling bad for an old lady (plus tech rep).


Thanks to Uncle_FUJ, Edd, and Julia, who removed the game the old fashioned way: with a scalpel. Say, one of you wanna take a look at the mole on my neck?

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