GOOOOAAAAAAL!: Soccer Goal Urinal Game

June 26, 2010


With World Cup fever in full swing what better way to celebrate than jamming a vuvuzela up somebody's ass playing a little bathroom soccer? Enter the Klokicker, the urine-based sport that's sure to have you staring at another man's wiener.

Football mania while urinating !

It will make men's hearts leap and make
the women's league give a loud groan.
"klokicker - the footaball-urinal-sieve" ...
... is a green plastic inset for a urinal,
with a football goal installed on top.

A football dangles in front of the goal.
The accuracy the male guests are capable of is now on the line and they have to "KICK" the ball into the goal.

Bull's eye! And the ball changes colorur.
A lot of fun for top goal scorers!

Did anybody else try reading that like a poem? Because it wasn't a very good one. Also, what good is urinal soccer if I only pee sitting down? Still, it might be fun for you PROVIDED YOU CAN STOP PISSING ON YOUR SHOES LONG ENOUGH TO SCORE A GOAL. Here -- let me aim.

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Klokicker: The Soccer Urinal Sieve [walyou]

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