Futurama Returns Tonight On Comedy Central

June 24, 2010


Comedy Central, best known for not giving me my own show despite asking nicely then threatening to blow up their satellite, will start airing BRAND SPANKIN' NEW (the best kind) episodes (with a 1-hour premier!) of Futurama tonight at 10PM/9 central. So yeah, tune in if you're into it. Or DVR it if you're into it but can't watch it live because your mommy makes you go to bed at 8. Or tell yourself there's no need to DVR that shit because you're so into it that you're gonna watch it live, then get drunk and pass out on the kitchen floor a half hour before it starts if you're me.

Official Comedy Central Site

Thanks to lena, Closet Nerd, Amy, John, bootjuice and Mikael, who act like I haven't been marking off the days with a Sharpie. I haven't is the thing. So thanks.

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