Freebies!: $25 Million Superyacht Will Come With Complimentary Matching Supercar

June 10, 2010


Got a cool $25 million to throw around? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE CONTACT ME ABOUT AN IMPORTANT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Or go squander it all on a Strand Craft 122 superyacht with matching supercar, I don't care (yes I do too, I want that money).

Beating the Bugatti Veyron hands down for exclusivity, the supercar has 880bhp from its twin-turbo V12 engine and a claimed top speed of 234mph. Only six will be built, each capable of hitting 60mph from rest in 3.2 seconds.

But what about the design, yo?!

Designer, Sweden-based 33-year-old Eduard Gray, told CNN that he took inspiration from the lines and curves of sports car, the Ferrari Testa Rossa.

"We have really tried to achieve a strong harmony in our design -- so that the car looks like it was literally born inside the hull of the yacht," he said.

But ultimately, he said, he wanted to design "something you want to be seen in -- the sexiest damn boat in the harbor!"

Sorry Eduard, but I think we can all agree the sexiest damn boat in the harbor is my dinghy. Just sayin: seats one comfortably, comes half-mast. Ooh -- did I mention the pirate flag? There's a pirate flag. Plus a compass.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures of the yacht you'll never own (unless you really are rich in which case I wasn't joking about the HJ).








What to get the superyacht owner with everything? A matching supercar [cnn]
Luxury yacht comes with free custom supercar [yahoo]

Thanks to Melissa, Benjamin, Ludd, Gauthier, colin and Ed, who are holding out for superplanes that come with complimentary supercopters. Really? Because I'd be cool with a jetpack.

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