FREE STUFF!: Buckyball Giveaway (Balls Now Available In Gold, Silver And Black!!)

June 16, 2010


So buckyballs are now available in gold, silver and black finishes ($35 + $6 handling) and I'm giving away 10 free sets from It's just like last time, except instead of reading 1,600 haiku I'm just gonna give one to the first person to not post FIRST! in the comments and use a random number generator to select 9 other comments. All you have to do is leave a comment WITH A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE EMAIL ADDRESS BOX (not the comment box). Only one entry per email address. If you're selected I'll search your address to verify you didn't use it more than once. If you did you're disqualified and I'll personally come to your house to kick your ass. Contest ends midnight Pacific, June 23rd and winners will be announced Friday, June 25th. For those of you who can't wait to win or are confident you're gonna lose, entering promo code 'GEEK' will score you 10% off your order. I have a set of the old ones, and trust me: I swallowed a handful and they never came out they're fun. Good luck and happy commenting!

UPDATE: Winners will be allowed to choose which finish they want BECAUSE I'M A KIND AND BENEVOLENT KING. Don't you forget it either. I'll whip ya.

Hit the jump for a bunch of product close-ups and a video in case you've never seen my the amazing balls in action.





Official GetBuckyballs Product Site

Geekologie Contest Rules

  • Neeko Endara


  • Neeko Endara

    if i do win thankyou for giving them to me if i win and yalll be the best i hope i win i whant the silver edition.....please.....

  • Neeko Endara

    i need the buckyballs i whanted them sence i was a kid and i could never have them i need to win

  • diljaz

    this is my dream magnet please give me some........please........

  • SSUnknown123

    -.- GIMEEE THEM!!!!!!!! :D

  • anvesh raj

    this is like my little dream......but parents dont seem to buy me some..plss i woud just lvoe to get someone. email =

  • Magicboy227

    I love these magnets. Email =

  • joshua202020

  • steven209

    These little magnets are awsome, love to get some

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