For Zombie Slayin': The Husqvarna 355Fx

June 17, 2010


Everybody has their own personal weapon preference when it comes to braining zombies. Some prefer shotguns, others crowbars, and I like to swing my penis around like a battle axe. You too?! High-fi-- nevermind. But for those of you who haven't found that perfect zombie-lobotomizer yet, maybe you should consider a $1,180 Husqvarna 355Fx (Zombie) Clearing Saw. Just sayin', I bet you'd look handsome carrying one!

The powerful X-Torq® engine allows for rapid acceleration, reduced emissions and low fuel consumption. The handlebar is angled 7 degrees for better posture during cutting. The thumb throttle control is designed for comfortable use over a long period of time.

Wow, that actually sounds pretty promising. Of course so did the 25¢ peep show I wandered into last night. And let me tell ya: you get what you pay for. No, less -- you get less than what you pay for. Especially in the teeth department.

Product Site
Husqvarna 355FX Forestry Saw Is Your Secret Weapon To Getting To The Front Of That iPhone 4 Line [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Jacob, who went in after I did and agrees it must have been scar night.

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