Finally!: Scientists Breed The Perfect Prawn

June 30, 2010


10 years in the making, scientists now believe they've bred the perfect prawn for farming. And if you guessed I'm only posting this because tipster killerabbit tricked me by writing "scientists develop perfect pr0n" in the subject line, congratulations, you're 110% correct. Sonofabitch.

After eight generations of selective breeding, one of CSIRO's industry partners, Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture, has this year achieved average yields of 17.5 tonnes per hectare -- more than double the industry's average production.

So good are these prawns that they have won five gold medals at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in the past two years, including 'Champion of Show', the highest award possible.

"The awards (Sydney Royal Easter Show) are professionally judged on many criteria including size, colour, taste and texture, so the results speak for themselves."

You know what else speak for themselves? Proud, independent women. What do you say ladies -- let's burn some bras! Mmmm, I love the smell of burning bras in the morning. Smells like...liberation the dryer I usually steal them out of. What?! I'm collecting nipple dust for a potion!

Is This the Perfect Prawn? [sciencedaily]

Thanks to killerabbit, who got me good and can expect a mail-bomb. Wait -- don't.

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