Father And Son Build Stargate, Lifetime Of Fond Memories Together In The Backyard

June 15, 2010


This is a Stargate built by a father/son duo to add some much needed ambiance to their backyard. Sure beats the hell out of a koi pond!

This awesome homemade Stargate was built by a father and son in Australia out of wood, coat hangers, tubing and styrofoam.

Good lookin', guys. It even spins, just like a real Stargate. Which, if you've never seen before, is like the big wheel on The Price Is Right, except if it lands on $1 you don't win $1,000 and a bonus spin. But you do get f***ed by aliens, which is even better.

Hit the jump for a handful of build shots and a video of the gate in action.






Dad and son build AMAZING backyard Stargate [scifiwire]

Thanks to pierre and FDSY, who built a Starfence but forgot to install a gate. Smooth, guys, real smooth.

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