Do Not Approve: Creepy Robot Dance Troupe

June 23, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because I already soiled the front page enough for the both of us.

This is a video of 20 creepy-ass little robots all dancing in sync. And I mean in sync as in they all do the same thing at the same time, not 'NSync the talented boy band with all those catchy hits. No, YOU'RE Tearin' Up My Heart!

Each 23-inch Nao robot by Aldebaran Robotics is packing about as much processing power as a smartphone, hooks up to Wi-Fi, and can even see with its beady little eyes. Not only was this group of $250,000 worth of robots graceful as they danced up a storm at the Shanghai World Expo, but check out their perfect synchronization in the video below.

Each little dancer has 25-degrees of freedom, which I think we can all agree is 25-degrees too many. No, the only dance number these guys should be allowed to participate in is STOMP. Get it? Cause I'm gonna crush their asses like Godzilla!

Hit for 8-minutes of creepy torture.

Video: 20 robots dancing in perfect sync [dvice]

Thanks to TobyRaider and Jason, who have both beaten robots in breakdancing battles and got to keep the cardboard.

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