Cool Stop-Motion Video Made With Tea-Lights

June 16, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because I don't want your crotch to catch fire on the front page. Wait -- yes, yes I do.

Yes I know what tea-lights are! Does that make me gay? No, lovin' on another man's booty would make me gay. Knowing what tea-lights are just makes me appreciative of their romantic, flickering ambiance. I like to light a couple dozen around an aromatic bubble bath and mmmm, what a sensual treat! Then I unrobe and slip into the tub with another man. And THAT'S when things get gay.

All I can say is ..this took over 2 weeks to do. A lot of fire, A lot of smoke, a lot of heat, and a whole lot of frustration.

Sounds like my sex life. HIYO! No it really does though.

Hit it for the fiery video.

Pixels on Fire [gizmodo]

Thanks to whoever sent me this whose tip I couldn't find again. I suck at life, I know.

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