But How Many People Died?: Body Counters Counts Movie Deaths So You Don't Have To

June 19, 2010


The Body Counters website keeps track of how many deaths there were in a particular film so you can decide if it's worth watching or not. For example, in The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood only one person dies. NOT WORTH IT. But what about 'Jason X'? Try 250,023 (including beating one person in a sleeping bag to death with another person in a sleeping bag, then that one against a tree). NOW THAT'S A F***ING WINNER! But nowhere near as impressive as the movie I'm making where EVERYBODY dies. I'm talking all 7-billion of you a-holes. What? I gotta make room for the dinos!

Body Counters

Thanks to Turbo the Mechanical Ape, who may or may not have died in Congo.

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