Boy Saves Himself And Lil Sister From Moose With Tactics Learned From World Of Warcraft

June 10, 2010


I don't know why this story is just now making its way around the internet since I remember reading it back in '07 when it came out and forgetting to post it because I drink too much, but whatever. We all have our demons. Mine's booze. Little Hans Jørgen Olsen? His happened to be a pedophilic moose.

According to NextNature, the Olsen siblings "trespassed the territory of the moose during a walk in the forest near their home." When the moose attacked, Hans used the Warrior ability Taunt, i.e. he taunted the moose, thereby allowing his sister to escape. Stage 1 complete.

Next he had to save himself. There's an ability for that - the Hunter skill Feign Death. Hans lay still on the ground. The moose, exhibiting typical low-level monster behavior, left the boy alone and wandered off.

Well well well, playing World of Warcraft pays off after all. Not that you need WoW to defeat a moose. No, everything you need to know to put a moose down you can learn from God of War. Namely, freezing that bitch with Medusa's head and beating it till it shatters.

12-year old boy rescues sister from moose using world of warcraft skills: our best headline yet [technabob]

Thanks to COMFORT EAGLE, Zach, Eliza, Sally, Scotty, liquid Tension, TiStew, junkyard dog, Blaqk Panda, Ptentacle, and Ste, who would have beaten the beast with its own antlers.

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