BOOM, HEADSHOT SCREENSHOT!: New iPhone 4 Getting Sniped In Slow-Motion

June 25, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because fanboys are already crying and this is only a picture.

This is a video of the new iPhone 4 getting shot by a Navy Seabee with a 50-caliber sniper rifle. It's pretty cool to watch, even if dude does barely clip the thing. Now I'm not saying he's a poor shot and I would have put a bullet right through the middle of the screen, but only because I don't want him posting up in the building across the street with a picture of my face taped to his rifle. Kidding -- your ass couldn't hit the broad side of a ba-- *BOOM*

Hit it for the video.

The iPhone 4, Slow-Mo Sniped by Navy Seal [gizmodo]

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