Bogey At 2 O'Clock!: Awesome LEGO Dogfight

June 4, 2010


Dogfight as in airplane battle, not dogfight as in I'm a peenerless d-bag who likes watching pitbulls bite each other. Which, fun fact: if I'm ever diagnosed with terminal cancer I'm coming for you. Me making you chew on a gun aside, this is an awesome jet-fighter scene created by Flickr user -Mainman-, who -- need a wingman?

For anyone who's interested, the cockpit is somewhere around 1/2 scale (maybe a little smaller) and the F-15E and MiG-29 are 1/100 scale

The flares are a couple of Exoforce fiber optic tubes with Lego light bricks on the far end. They worked out better than I expected - I love the lens flare I got with them. :D

Incidentally, with the exception of the HUD display photoshopped in, there's not a single non-Lego object in this photo

Freaking awesome. Reminds me of when my brother and I would set barstools on their sides and sit in them while pretending we were fighter-jet pilots. No, no it doesn't. Because that was actually a train. Now shovel some more coal in the wastebasket and let's CHOO CHOO our way to a house fire!

-Mainman-'s Flickr Gallery
Enemy in sight [brothers-brick]

Thanks to The Bucktooth Ninja, who -- Jesus man I could see you coming a mile away with those things. Get some tooth blackout or something.

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