Best Thing You'll See All Day (And Possibly Week): A Day In The Life Of A Pet AT-AT

June 27, 2010


Note: MUST WATCH video is after the jump because your head's gonna explode from the cuteness and I already hosed down the front page once today.

This is a short video by Patrick Boivi entitled 'AT-AT Day Afternoon'. It's a one-minute documentary showing a typical day in the life of a pet AT-AT. Just watch it, you won't regret it. And if you do regret it there's obviously something wrong with you. My guess is an internal parasite. Your skin itches, doesn't it? Sounds like a worm.

Hit it. DO IT NOW (also available in HD).

Brilliant homemade video shows a day in the life of a pet AT-AT [scifiwire]

Thanks to Der Eberhardt and Wilmersama, who have both ridden AT-AT's at petting zoos and tried to feed them popcorn.

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