Bad Things: What Happens When You Upload A Video To Youtube, Download It, And Reupload That Version A THOUSAND TIMES

June 7, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because the quality is so bad that it could actually make you sick.

Musician and Youtube user Patrick Liddell uploaded a video of himself to Youtube, downloaded it, and uploaded the new version. Then he repeated the process 999 more times. The result is a video so degraded from the original that I could have sworn it was a cartoon of the devil telling me to stab my neighbor (somebody call an amberlamps).

Hit the jump for the 1st, 50th, 119th, 325th, 825th and 1,000th versions of the video (turn down your speakers, the audio gets painful).

Patrick's Youtube Channel
What Does a Video Look Like After 1000 YouTube Uploads? [gawker]

Thanks to Kristen, Josh and micro-minx, who have never wasted so much time.

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