Bad Mashup: Avatar Stormtrooper Helmet

June 14, 2010


There are good mashups (my lips and a lovely lady's lips) and there are bad mashups (my ass and anything bigger than a breadbox pinky). This is one of the latter.

Created by Denise Vasquez for 501st TK Project who also created the beautiful Brass Stormtrooper Helmet, this project really brings two Giant movie characters within one amazing looking helmet. The Na'vi may not be wearing any armor to shield their looks, but it doesn't mean that the Star Wars helmet cannot be created to look like the Pandora creatures that have captured our hearts.

I never saw Avatar so I can't say whether the Pandora creatures would actually capture my heart or not. But they'd definitely capture a few of my arrows if you know what I mean! I mean I'm gonna shoot them all with a crossbow. Blue meat's a treat!

Hit the jump for a couple side-shots of the here put this on and let me hit you. Tell me if it hurts.



Avatar Stormtrooper Helmet Strikes Back! [walyou]

Thanks to Christopher, who's convinced we could have Na'vi Jerky on the shelves of every convenience store by 2011. Ambitious!

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