Another Day, Another Japanese Robot Baby

June 15, 2010


Japan, Japan, Japan -- what are we gonna do with you? KNOCK IT OFF WITH ALL THE ROBOTS ALREADY! You're giving me butt ulcers.

Japanese researchers created a baby robot designed to simulate the behavior and development of a real infant in an effort to better understand how humans grow up.

Named Noby, short for "nine-month-old baby," it has 600 sensors across its body to feel touch, cameras and microphones fitted into its head for vision and hearing and is hooked up to a powerful computer.

"You can load your software into the robot, watch how it reacts to human actions and its surroundings and compare it with the behavior of real children," Kuniyoshi told AFP Tuesday.

"Human beings learn and develop various functions in the process of growing up, but the exact mechanism is yet to be explained," it said.

Shedding light on the field will help develop robots that could live together with humans in the future, it said.

Really, Japan? You really wanna know how children grow up? NOTHING LIKE F***ING ROBOTS. Now set that thing on fire and let's hit the sushi bar.

Japanese Build Robo-Baby [foxnews]

Thanks to Nick, who would have disassembled the baby and made a portable game console.

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