Air Methuselahs: The World's Oldest Shoes

June 10, 2010


How old do you think the world's oldest shoe is? Just take a guess. Wrong! Try 5,500 years. And allegedly this is it. Ooooor a man holding a bear turd.

Created more than 5,500 years ago at the dawn of civilisation this perfectly preserved brown leather lace-up is the oldest shoe in the world.

It was created from a piece of cow hide 1,000 years before the Great Pyramid of Giza and stitched together with leather thread.

The size 4 shoe - discovered buried in a cave in Armenia - is so well preserved that its lace is still intact.

Archaeologists say it probably belonged to a woman who deliberately buried it in the cave during a mysterious ritual. The cave also contained three pots, each containing a child's skull, along with containers of barley, wheat and apricot.

Ah yes, the old burying a shoe with a bunch of children's skulls ritual. They used to do that to ward off sabertooth tiger attacks. Or was it to appease the volcano god? I can't remember. Whatever the case: women and their shoes, amirite?! I'm totally making a documentary: 5,500 Years of Obsession. It's gonna be about me banging mastadons.

Hit the jump for a couple closeups.



Is this the world's oldest shoe? 5,000-year-old leather-laced size 4 found in cave in Armenia [dailymail]

Thanks to Jen Is Awesome, who talks herself up so I don't have to.

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