A CD + 5-Inch Vinyl Combo Disc: The Best Of Both Worlds! Old-Ass Technology Mashup

June 17, 2010


What do you get when a 5" record and a CD get together and have the sexes? Nothing silly, records and CDs can't breed! Now iPods -- oh boy. They don't just Touch. See what I did there? I'm practically unstoppable.

Jeff Mills latest release, The Occurrence, is pressed on a hybrid CD. One side is just a normal CD, the other is a 5″ vinyl pressing which you can play on a turntable. How cool is that?

That is SO cool considering I don't own a single piece of equipment capable of playing either side. Well that's not entirely true. There's a CD player in my car but it's broken. You see, there's a couple pieces of bologna stuck in there. What? I was high and it looked like a meat toaster!

A Vinyl And CD Release On One Disc [todayandtomorrow]
Vinyl and CD, together on one disc [dvice]

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