A Buncha Outerspace Games In One Painting

June 28, 2010


Note: This picture is small and ain't doing the piece justice so get vigilante on that shit by clicking HERE to see it full size. BOOM, JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED!

This is a digital painting by deviantARTist jnkboy called 'Video Wars' that features a bunch of different characters from video games that take place in outerspace. Which -- HOLY SHIT IS THAT ROGER WILCO?! Space Quest FTW! For those of you not familiar, you can no longer be a part of my secret club. Joking, you're still in. BUT ABSOLUTELY NO GURLZ ALLOWED! What? I like my secret clubs like I like my spaghetti sauce: sausagey meatballs!

jnkboy's deviantART

Thanks to Dominic, who spends every night in outerspace and wakes up in a field every morning. Dominic, you're being abducted bro.

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