1:18 Scale Gold And Diamond Bugatti Veyron Nearly Twice As Expensive As The Actual Car

June 16, 2010


You're looking at a 1:18 scale Bugatti Veyron made out of gold, platinum and diamonds. It costs $3 million. *shooting beer out my nose* Wait, what?!

The world's most Luxurious and expensive model car. This unique project was a fusion between Robert Gulpen of Munich & Stuart Hughes of Liverpool both who both are well respected in the individual fields of Bespoke luxury Designs. This mammoth and very intricate job took 2 months to finish

Type: Bugatti Veyron Diamond Ltd Edition Scale: 1:18
Materials: Solid 24ct Gold and Platinum with 7.2ct single cut Flawless Diamond (in front grill)
Extras: Steering functioned, all hoods operational, engine and all parts very detailed Weight: approx 7kg
Included: Certification of authenticity, glass house, aluminium case, photo documentation of the manufacturing process

Available as a ltd edition of only 3 to be made

Limited edition of three? But I wanted four for myself! Haha, did I say four? Because I meant zero.

Hit the jump for couple shots of the shiny little interior and a link to the product page.



Product Site

Thanks to Peterman and Smee, who both have solid tin-foil Lamborghini models they found in the bottom of cereal boxes.

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