Yow Yow!: Disney Ladies In Sexy Comic Style

May 14, 2010


This is a gallery of female Disney characters imagined as sexy comic book characters by artist J. Scott Campbell. Let's see -- yep that's pretty much all I've got. Besides, oh I don't know, boner boner boner! Oh yeah, GW, you've still got it.

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the you know you'd hit it EVEN THOUGH THEY'RE JUST DRAWINGS PLUS ONE'S ACTUALLY A VILLAIN, GOD.

Yes those are penis carriage windows.








J. Scott Campbell's Website
Comic book Disney Princess [theswedishbed]

Thanks to schwagner, who's never found a drawing sexy. Oh yeah? Then you haven't seen my stick figures.

  • Barb Klabunde

    LOVE your work!!!!

  • Leah

    The Maleficent looks badass. Love her

  • GirlFromSpace


  • J. Scott Campbell is the poor man's Jim Lee.

  • I love these, and I would love them more if they weren't so top heavy and skinny in the middle that they look like they are made to be broken in half. Just sayin' ... fantasy is fantasy I get that, but one seriously has to suspend credibility to think that a woman made like that could stand up straight. I often long for a tad more realism in the way (sexy) women are portrayed. 

  • Matthew Wilson

    So, what, this is if Disney made porn?

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