You Could Never Be Real!: Pokémon Reality

May 5, 2010


NOTE: There's no way you can read that chart without straining your eyes, I don't care matter how many carrots you've eaten and/or pleasured yourself with and put back in the crisper drawer. Click HERE to see the whole thing.

This is a chart explaining the science behind various Pokémon characters, basically claiming that none of the monsters listed could ever exist in reality. WAY TO RUIN THE FUN, JERKS. You might as well have included Santa and the Tooth Fairy and passed the thing out at a kindergarten wearing underwear stuffed with candy. Oh I'm sorry -- did I just ruin your plan? I'm on to you.

The Physical Implausibilities of Pokemon [unrealitymag]

Thanks to lil co., who I'd carry around in a Poké Ball in my pocket any day.

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